MAY 2014

MY DOG KILLER – festivals:

APRIL 2014

MY DOG KILLER Slovak National Film Awards for:

MY DOG KILLER – festivals:

MARCH 2014

Cook, F**k, Kill

The main prize of the best project in development, Sofia Meetings 2014

MY DOG KILLER on festivals:


MY DOG KILLER – festivals:


MY DOG KILLER – festivals:


MY DOG KILLER, festivals:


MY DOG KILLER, festivals:


MY DOG KILLER, festivals:


MY DOG KILLER included in the list of films recommended for a nomination for the European Film Awards 2013.

Movie production and distribution was supported by Audiovisual fund / Vznik a distribúciu filmu na DVD podporil Audiovizuálny fond.

JULY 2013

MY DOG KILLER won the CinemaVision Award at Munich Filmfest.

MY DOG KILLER at festivals:

JUNE 2013

My Dog Killer won the Best Director Award at Zerkalo IFF, Russia.

My Dog Killer premiers at festivals:

MAY 2013

MIRA FORNAY - Producer on the Move 2013, Cannes

Účasť producentky na projekte Producer on the Move 2013 podporil Audiovizuálny fond/ The participation at the project Producer on the Move 2013 was supported by Audiovisual Fund.

APRIL 2013

MY DOG KILLER won the Golden Kingfisher for Best Feature Film at Finale Plzen Film Festival 2013.

Adam Mihal (the leading actor of MY DOG KILLER) won the audience award for Best Performance at Finale Plzen Film Festival 2013.

MY DOG KILLER won the special mention of the jury at Titanic IFF Budapest.

Titanic International Filmfestival competition in Budapest.

MARCH 2013

Mira Fornay wins the Best Director Prize for MY DOG KILLER at Vilnius International Film Festival, Competition Programme "New Europe - New Names".

MY DOG KILLER has its Slovak and Czech premiere at Febiofest IFF.

MY DOG KILLER in Slovak cinema distribution.


My Dog Killer won the Hivos Tiger Award at its world premiere in Rotterdam.


MY DOG KILLER - world premiere at Hivos Tiger Award Competition of 42nd Rotterdam International Film Festival (29.1.2013).


MY DOG KILLER. Honorable Mention of the Agora Work in Progress of the 53rd Thessaloniki International Film Festival. Jury: Michael Weber (Match Factory - General Manager, Germany), Remi Bonhomme (Cannes Critic's Week - France), Irini Suaganidou (Feelgood Entertainment - Greece).

JULY 2012

Y DOG KILLER presented at Morks in Progress at Karlovy Vary IFF, Czech Republic.

APRIL - MAY 2012

MY DOG KILLER presented at Meeting at the Border, Cinema at the Border Film Festival, Cieszyn, Poland.

MARCH 2010

FOXES Official selection of 23rd Singapore International Film Festival (15–24 April 2010) in the Cinema Today section.


FOXES has its Irish Premiere at Jameson Dublin Film Festival (official competition).

MY DOG KILLER at 7th Berlinale Co-Production Market (14.-15.2.2010).

January 2010

FOXES at 40th IFF Rotterdam (Bright Future selection).

FOXES at 8th IFF Pune (PIFF), India (official selection).

FOXES at 30th Filmfestival Max Ophuls Preis (official selection).

December 2009

Foxes at 11th IFF Bratislava (official competition) and has its slovak distribution premiere.

Foxes at 40th IFF Goa, India (official selection).

November 2009

FOXES at 21st Stockholm International Film Festival (official selection).

FOXES at 19th IFF Cottbus and won the Dialogue Award (official selection).

MY DOG KILLER won the 2009 Tibor Vichta Award for Best Script in Slovakia and has been nominated for 2011 Krysztof Kieslowski ScripTeast Award in Cannes.

October 2009

FOXES at 26th IFF WARSAW (1-2 competition for first feature films).

FOXES at 14th IFF PUSAN, South Korea (official selection).


9.9.2009 FOXES has its WOLRD PREMIERE at 66th Venice Film Festival in official competition of International Critics Week.