Cook F**k Kill (Žaby bez jazyka)
Czech-Slovac-French coproduction

A story of one day in the life of a perpetrator of domestic violence Jaroslav K. whio works as a male hospital attendant. A handsome and seemingly good/natured man and husband Jaroslav K. is in fact pathologically jealous of his wife Blanka, whom he terrorizes in their large family house in a small city. He does not hesitate to employ violence, deceit and terror against others that ultimately leads to a family tragedy and turns against himself at the end.
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Vývoj tohto filmu podporil Audiovizuálny fond

Projekt sa realizuje s finančnou podporou Bratislavského samosprávneho kraja

Carpathian Beast
mini TV series

Petra (young woman) returns unwillingly to her job at local police station and deals with cases what step by step “create”a myth of the Carpathian Beast. The Carpathian Beast is a mystic crimi/drama mini-series (seven episodes) set in Kysuce, the region in north-west Slovakia, near the Czech and Polish border.